Advisor Square University

Webinars: Content Editor Training

AdvisorSquare is hosting ongoing training sessions for all AdvisorSquare customers.

Learn how easy it easy to make changes to your website:

  • Mondays: 11:00 AM PT
  • Wednesdays: 8:00 AM & 1:00 PM PT
  • Fridays: 11:00 AM PT

To attend a training session:

  1. Please contact your account manager at 888.379.5724 15 mins before the scheduled meeting time.
  2. Find "AdvisorSquare Content Editor Training” for the specific date and time.
  3. Click "Join" on the right side.
  4. Enter your name and email address and click Submit.
  5. The web meeting application will download and install, then bring you directly into the meeting.
  6. A phone number and bridge number will be provided for you to dial into a conference call.